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Welcome back y'all!  (For the full review and to see in on TWO of my babies,  CLICK HERE .) Okay, so what is the Flexi Nappy? Why haven't we heard of it? What's so great about it? I want to start off by saying that the Flexi Nappy is everything I've been looking for in a cloth diaper. It combines quality, convenience, and versatility. The most versatitily I've seen....well, scratch that- the most versatility I've seen that actually functions well. The Flexi Nappy is a 3-in-1 system. It can function as a pocket diaper, all in one diaper, or an all in two diaper. After testing all three, I find that I prefer the all in two option but it's really just personal preference. Daddy prefers the all in one. So if it's so great, why haven't we heard of it? Great question, this is a relatively new brand from Canada and they recently made some huge improvements to the Flexi Nappy (hello, natural fibers). For the full review an


Hey y'all, welcome back! Come hang out with us over on my YouTube channel as I show you how the day really goes with cloth diapering a newborn-- seriously not as hard as people make it out to be!  Another thing, I'm super excited to share is a fluff mail unboxing! Cutie Patootie was kind enough to send me a product in the mail AND (the best part) they also sent one for you! Soooo, after I've used this enough to be comfortable giving my opinion, I'm going to review and pop in a giveaway for all of you! So far, my first impressions of the product are great! (But I'll let y'all watch and tell me what you think!) WATCH NOW!

Meet Cal

Meet Callahan "Cal" Dean Y'all this little man has already brought so much light into our lives. With every baby, I feel like the grinch.. my heart just keeps growing. (Yes, that was corny..but true) Also, can I just mention that this was the easiest c-section I've had so far?! See Cal's Birth Vlog Here!  Everything was so smooth it was like a dream, well minus that it was in the middle of a pandemic... I've been a little radio silent on here, just trying to get my life together with a newborn and 3 other little guys running around. So if you're wondering where I've been- I've been trying to fit in a shower and brush my hair on the same day! Ha! Until next time, Marley 💕